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connecting Sky to tv set


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We use a satellite dish on a tripod to get the signal to our tv, and we use an Easyfind device to set the dish up. Once the dish is pointing the right way I then switch the coax cable from the Easyfind box to the Sky box from home with the card in, and we get all the same channels as at home. The Sky box is just the simple one, not the Sky plus with all it's bells and whistles, and the tv is a Logik 19" led set

The Easyfind box connects to the tv with an hdmi cable, and until our recent excursion to France, I could connect the Sky box to the tv using a short cable which had a scart terminal at one end and an hdmi fitting at the other. This composite cable failed whilst we were in France, just before " the great British Bakeoff", and such was the pressure on me to " do something" that I lost a little of my composure and did the only logical thing and hurled the defective item into the long grass. The garden has not been touched since January, and now I can't find the wretched thing. Marital harmony was restored because we were able to borrow a small mains set for the rest of the stay, which was OK because we had the mains plugged in.

The problem now is that I can't locate a replacement cable with scart at one end and hdmi at the other, does anyone have any ideas?


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I did try Maplins but they could only do it with a magic box at about £60. I definitely had a little cable which plugged into the scart socket on the Sky box and connected to a socket on the Logik 19 inch led tv. I am keen to replace this bit of cable because it enables us to use the Logik tv which operates on 12 volt and is permanently installed in the van with the Easyfind box which also operates on 12 volt and is permanently installed, and they connect with an hdmi cable. The Logik tv does not have a scart connection, so that rules out the obvious. The Sky box is only used by CG to watch her cultural American tv junk when we can't get them on Easyfind, and we then have to connect via an inverter and use a different tv which has a scart socket but which also only operates on mains voltage and has to run off the inverter. We only have a small van, and having to accommodate 2 digiboxes, 2 tv's and an inverter is not easy.

However, I have now removed the Logik tv from the van and have it in front of me, and I find it has the following input sockets:-



SCART (but it is a tiny little slot less than 2 cm long)



For the life of me I cannot remember which socket my little composite cable plugged into, it could have been the HDMI 2 which looks very similar to the HDMI 1, so, is it possible that my little cable was not scart to hdmi 1 but something else, and if so what could it have been.

Many thanks


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