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Hi Cathy and welcome to the forum.


Apart from the coastal fringes of North East France and maybe Belgium you won't get any UK TV without a satellite system.


There are some programes in English on French TV but they are often not up to much and and are few and far between.


If you don't want a sat system, which often will not pick up much of worth South of France anyway consider internet TV but that is expensive abroad or do what many of us do take some DVDs and a Kindle or two!

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Cathy - 2014-10-16 7:25 PM


Thanks for replying so quickly. Am I right in thinking I can watch catch up tv on a laptop if we are on a site with free wifi? Obviously we are new to all this and want to get things right first time.


If you want to watch something like BBC iplayer you will need to use a proxy server (Google it) but you may find that the free wifi speeds are too slow to download on a free campsite wifi.

You could try Filmon website that shows TV programs from around the world in real time but the campsite we are on in France at the moment blocks sites like these.


We have an Avtex TV with freeview and there is a Audio button on the control which on some programs will give you the choice of language for certain programs. most of them are like CSI or the Mentalist kind of thing or sometimes movies but generally there is something to watch.

If you are only going for a few weeks you could load program's off iplayer before you go or take some DVDs.

Italy was similar to France, some English programs, same with Croatia, Hungary had nothing on TV but cheap films on DVD if you can get through the menu to choose the English language option, lucky my other half is Hungarian.

Satellite is an option but a pain in the bum to set up or find a pitch which has a clear line of sight unless you spend a decent amount of money on a roof mounted one. Our aerial is a Status 530 with the booster that has the signal finder built in, you just put up the aerial and turn it till the light goes green and this will be the strongest signal, works very well for us.l

Hope that helps. Mark.




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