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Lookng for Ducato sidelight fuse?


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Well, there isn't one! As I discovered after reference to the manual and three garages including a Fiat dealer. But this will help....

The problem I had was the offside sidelights and offside reg plate light were out and I had a dashboard warning light. I checked all the fuses - AOK. The user manual described and numbered all the fuses but none was listed for the sidelights.
After checking the fuse layout on their computer the local garage were baffled, Fiat dealer was baffled (we are not licenced for electrics - WHAT???) so I went to a commercial van and truck garage.

 Meanwhile I had checked the forums and learned that the Ducato sidelights are switched from something called a canBus. It sounded expensive.

The commercial guys fixed it in 2 minutes with no charge.

 So what was the problem? I had replaced the rear sidelight bulb after it blew and the warning light came on in the cab. But the problem remained. The brake light worked but no sidelights.  Cause? I had replaced the bulb the wrong way round (I didn't realise you could do that) which meant that the low wattage sidelight filament was trying to draw the 25 watt brakelight current. It meant also that the brake light continued to work on the low wattage sidelight filament but was dimmer (this is what threw me). Result was a tripped circuit.

If you look carefully at the bulb stem you will see that the pimple contacts are offset. Make sure you put the bulb in the right way (look when you take the old one out) and all will be well. Simple - but it took me two weeks to get it sorted in two minutes

Meanwhile I will be giving all my business in future to the North Eastern Truck and Van Centre in Clifton Moor, York, which solved the problem without fuss and without charge. "Silly thing" they said. "But it happens."


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