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Generally e bay is brilliant, bought or sold over 300 items on it, only once had problem with a seller, e bay / paypal refunded money..


Tip.... Check where it's coming from, China or Hong Kong can take 5 weeks, but has always got here in the end...

And check the sellers feedback avoid if below 99%, go into the persons feedback to see what people write about the seller! can get fake items, but still loads of bargains to be had.... Good place to check prices.



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antony1969 - 2014-10-22 2:13 PM


In huddersfield we have just got this new thing called eBay and PayPal .. It's amazing .. Has anybody bought or sold with PayPal and had problems .. I'm told its a safe bet .. I normally strictly only deal in cash payments or sheep

Many thanks


Your winding us up ;-)


Aren't you ?

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