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thetford oven and grill problem


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Hi have a thetford oven and grill went away for one night grill kept going out after about 10 mins would only stay alight if kept ignition held in, also noticed flame very low on both sides in the middle is this normal.

model no s-op13000 mk4 midi prima

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Thetford’s installation and user instructions for your appliance can be found here




The “Using the Grill” section includes the following paragraph


"8. Flame Failure Device (FFD): the grill burner is fitted with a flame sensing probe, which will automatically cut off the gas supply in the event of the flame going out. In the event of the burner flames being accidentally extinguished, turn off the burner control and do not attempt to re-ignite the burner for at least one minute.”


It would appear from your description that there may be a fault with the FFD that you are able to sidestep temporarily by keeping the ignition-button depressed.


I’m not in a position to comment on whether the appearance of the flame is unusual, but I guess a very low flame MIGHT have some bearing on the going-out problem. Presumably you had plenty of gas when the grill kept going out and the weather where you were at the time was not sub-zero?


As your Autoquest is so new (and obviously under warranty) the motorhome dealership that sold you the vehicle should really be your first port of call for advice on how its equipment should be expected to perform, and you should be demanding that apparent faults get dealt with rapidly and be resolved. It’s particularly important that ’safety-related’ peculiarities (eg. anything gas-related or the braking oddity you previously highlighted) are addressed as soon as possible.

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