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Wingamm motorhome experiences question


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Whilst leaving the NEC UK Motorhome show this October we noticed a Wingamm motorhome in the car park. Luckily a Wingamm representative was at the vehicle and let us have a look.


We were pretty impressed with the compact nature of the vehicle and interested to hear about the monocoque design.


the website is http://wingamm.com/


Regretably we did not have time to come back the next day and look at the Wingamm stand. But are there any wingamm users out there with any positive comments to make?


We are interested in the Oasi 610 GL or City Suite motorhomes. We can't easily visit any showroom in the UK because we live outside of the UK mostly. So any comments about build quality, reliability and other user experiences would be appreciated please.




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Hello Marcus, I think this brand is a pretty rare one in the UK, I have only ever seen one, and that was just this September in France, the very friendly Italian owners showed us around, and I was very impressed, I think it's a premium priced product though, and right now trying to cure two water leaks on my own vehicle a monocoque body appeals. ;-)


Here is just one thrown up doing a Google search.




But I would think mainland Europe is the place to look, and the closer to Italy the better. ;-) good hunting



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Have wanted one for years but never found the price and availability easy.

Seen a few owners in different countries over the years and always had excellent reports.


There was a very positive test in one of the magazines a few years ago....but I don't have a link!!


They were always difficult to contact in the UK but their recent new website is a vast improvement.

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There was a small Wingamm stand at the NEC, plus a ‘sectioned’ motorhome exhibited in one of the hall's entrance.


The make has an excellent reputation abroad (few Wingamms will have been sold in the UK) but the high prices, specialised designs and limited dealership/service-centre network inevitably restrict sales.


This 2007 review may be the one EJB recalls:



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Thanks for that Derek....actually it wasn't that one but I think the title was something like....'The Sound of Silence'.....but probably the same MH! :-D


PS. I had a copy of it for years.....but no doubt it got deleted some time ago *-)

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We have had our Wingamm Micros as pictured in article since Nov 2006 and are very pleased with it.


We of course have the small VW model and have travelled to Italy, S France, Denmark, Germany and Orkneys in it.


It is very compact, but we are not very tall.


Any questions, I will try to help.



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Hello one and all

Visited NEC this week, Westfalia Columbus was top of my list prior to visit but was blown away by Wingamm monocoque design and VW front.

Durability of one of the vehicles at the show has left me a little queasy, e.g. inner handle of shower room had fallen off, door surround by shower room lock bruised and battered as folk hadn't depressed handle as they shut the door - how would same withstand what the two wee grandsons are likely to dish out?!

Any update from Wingamm owners of their experiences would be very welcome.

Dealership not an issue for us as fairly proximate to dealer near Edinburgh.

Many thanks for reading


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We bought our Micros after seeing it first at a show, then subsequently at the dealership. At the show it simply wasn't possible to get long enough inside to get a good look. The space inside the Micros is cleverly used, but at a show there's simply not enough room for viewers leaving to squeeze past others entering, and the pinch point is by the shower room door. Added to this, the shower room door is curved, so when it's standing open it projects even more into the path of the passing throng. At the show I visited, the shower room door had been removed, which maybe shows that the problem had been recognised.


I can relate to the concern over grandsons - I have two of the same kind! I've observed kitchen doors in the home of said grandsons having to be rehung on new hinges because "someone" had been swinging on them, but there was no suggestion in that instance that the damage occurred because the kitchen wasn't robust enough. I have no experience of shower room doors in other motorhomes - maybe some can be slammed shut like a car door - but in the Micros the shower room door is much more like a wardrobe door, which most adults wouldn't automatically expect to slam shut.


We're still very much getting to know our Micros but we already appreciate its clever design and interior layout. It was expensive, it isn't big, but it ticks the boxes for a couple such as ourselves. Our requirement was for a VW-based coachbuilt which would allow us to have a shower / wc and more comfortable sleeping arrangements than our previous T5 camper. We also wanted something small enough that it wouldn't dominate our driveway when stored, and which would be maneouvrable on rural roads and when parking.


I won't write more for now but am happy to give further detail as required.

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We were the proud owners of a Wingamm Oasi (Fiat based) from 2006 to 2011. Having owned more Motorhomes over the last 40 years than I can remember I have to say that the Wingamm was head and shoulders above any of our previous ones from the mainstream U.K. manufacturers in both design and build quality.

I first saw them a few years earlier at the Düsseldorf show and was smitten but found it hard to justify the cost at that time. However, after a bad experience with an IH camper we took the plunge and imported one from Europe.

We used it extensively including several lengthy trips to Greece and overwintered in Spain for three years. During our ownership the only problem we had was when the electric step failed. I fixed it myself after having a small replacement part made up locally.

We have met quite a few Wingamm owners on the continent, especially in Italy of course and never heard a bad word about them. Yes, they are expensive, but like many things, you get what you pay for and this is a premium product. Hope this helps.


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