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Satellite TV installation

Motorhome Medic

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fesspark - 2014-11-09 4:57 PM


Brian,are you getting reception in Spain where you are at the moment if the biss code has been changed ?


I dont actually need to use intel sat 907 at 27.5 w. as we have a 2Mtr dish at home so Astra 2 and Sky Box are fine for all the channels

On the van we have an 85cm dish only get Sky news and the more obscure channels such as CBS ones ,Movies for Men and the likes even these are difficult sometimes depending on weather and if you move about the van...we are right on the edge of the new footprint. (I know somebody is going to come back and say we know somebody who can get all the channels here on 80cm dish ..Yes but they are using Prime Focus Dishes which are far superior to Offset ones)

They say you need an 80 cm dish for Intelsat so in principle my dish on the van would work with the Icecrypt box and to update the BISS codes you can go here,but for me when we go South we take DVDs or if on site with WiFi use the internet. ie Filmon etc






What TV do you want in Spain? Soaps or Films ..if its films get a free to Air box, a Terrestrial Antenna and pick up Spanish TV they have lots of USA Films and some English Programmes where you can change the language setting to English.

Hope that helps a little.



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