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The DRL's were probably switched by a voltage sensing relay, so when the sun came out the battery voltage went up and the DLR relay switched on.

Just make sure your DLR relay is a straight relay switched via the ignition and not a voltage sensing one.

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It’s a known potential problem and, if I remember correctly, first became evident when motorhomes with ‘smart’ battery-chargers were retro-fitted with DRL kits. In those cases the DRLs were activated when the motorhome was connected to a campsite hook-up and the battery-charger began to operate at its maximum voltage.


The DRL kit shown here




says "Our new controller is fully compatible with Motorhome wiring systems as they will not be triggered whilst charging on solar or 240v mains hookup.”


There is a downloadable set of instructions that may help with installation on Martyn’s FreeTEC 688Ti

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