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grey dump valve


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Hi all, first bit of input on here, just like to say enjoy reading most of threads, have a burstner elegance 821, dump valve in garage, so stays nice and clean, only problem i have is when on french aires or anywhere for that matter, when i reverse onto dump station and get out to open valve you can bet i have locked garage, so its back to cab switch off remove keys and unlock garage and release valve, not so good in bad weather either, i know its been done before but for such a small outlay a motorized 1¼ valve £22, window switch £2.50, fuse holder £1.50 2core wire and conduit about another £8, in all about £34ish, plus a bit of work routing the cable from front to back i can now stay in cab and press a button, lazy or what, all bits on Ebay.
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