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I have a Bentley Donnington MH

Which has a one 6 amp trip fuse in the RCD unit plus a 10 amp fuse.

The sockets in the van when using a kettle or vacuum cleaner always trip the 6 amp fuse, the Microwave is connected into the 10 amp circuit.

I didn't have this problem in the last MH which powered domestic kettles and high wattage heaters

I would like to replace the 6 amp fuse with a 10 amp which would overcome the problem.


I have heard that they have down rated the fuses in caravans and MH in the last few years for low wattage use.

Unfortunately i cannot contact the manufacturer as they no longer exists and dealers are no committal when asking questions about the subject..


Any views on this problem

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What is the wattage of the microwave, more than 1350W?


If not, could the microwave be connected to the 6A fuse, and the power sockets to the 10A fuse? However, as sshortcircuit says, it would first be necessary to check that the power circuit cables are up to the job.


As you have asked the question, I suspect you should get an electrician to do this as it seems, with apologies, that you may not have sufficient understanding to DIY safely.


The point is that if you add the two MCBs together you get 16A, which is the maximum load that a UK site pillar will supply. You can't expect to install 2 x 10A MCB and draw 10A from each circuit, because you'll trip the site supply.


It seems you are rather a heavy electricity user. Don't go abroad doing this, or you will simply trip site pillars all over Europe! :-)

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When you say 'Fuses' i take it you mean 'Circuit breakers' or MCB's Miniature circuit breakers, they do the same job, but just trip rather than needing replacing. Don't upgrade the MCB without getting the wiring checked first. Because of the danger of overheating/fire.
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Sorry to mislead you in relation to the question asked.


I had a notion that the 230 v supply within the MH had been down rated by industry regulations recently.


I was not aware that site electrical supplies had a 16 amp limit as i very rarely us mains power as it isn't available where i camp, I use the vacuum cleaner at home to clean the MH between trips. ( ample supply). that's when the MCB trips.


i have solar panels and battery chargers. fitted by myself when on sites.

In fact the Microwave hasn't been unpacked it just sits there looking at you ready for action stage an 800 watt model.


I should have said in my initial question I had checked the size of the mains wires and they are the same size cable which can easily handle 10 amps, I just couldn't understand why a 6 amp fuse and a 10 amp MCB had been fitted,Was it a mistake or done on purpose now i understand why.


A valid point made that the RCD fuses ( MCB`s) May have been wired the wrong way round, but i will set up the micro wave and check how many amps it is drawing on initial start up just to make sure its within 6amps . sometimes you get a mental block when looking at a problem.


" I suspect you should get an electrician to do this as it seems, with apologies, that you may not have sufficient understanding to DIY safely. "


I will be doing it myself your suspicions are totally unfounded , i do have a background in electrical engineering. but i do agree with your concerns electricity can kill and set fire to your precious motorhome . a little knowledge can be dangerous .


Yes I have been on the continent numerous times and suffered low power supplies in different countries it does vary a lot. about 20 years ago it was down right dangerous I always check before i hook up.

I think everyone has tripped the supply one time or another i just reset it .


Thank you for your points re 16 amp supply and concerns re DIY



Thanks for all your input












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The wiring seems a bit odd to me. A 10 amp & 6 Amp MCB's is quite normal but the usual wiring is for the 6 Amp one to supply the fridge & battery charger and the 10 Amp one to supply the sockets in the van including the microwave.


Microwave start up current if far higher than the running current, if it is a standard microwave it could take 7 amps or more on start up, if it is an inverter type probably only take about 4.5 amps on start up.


If you are using a modern 2000 watt vacuum cleaner it will be taking nearly 9 amps on full power, same for a 2 KW jug kettle, and they would trip the 6 amp fuse after they have been running a while.

MCB's have a current verses time trip curve, how long they take to trip depends on the level of current overload.

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