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Has anyone out there replaced the Autotrail radio?

I want to swap my 2011 Apache system for a JVC KW-V20BT model that is more upto date and has bluetooth etc'. I want the remote as well as mine was missing when I bought the van.


Remote from the states $10. From Amazon UK £30 plus!!!!!!!!!


Is it best to let Halfords or somebody similar do it or is it a DIY job. I am OK with vehicle electrics!


Does it require a fitting kit or should it slot straight in?


Any help appreciated.



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I did this about a year ago, I went for a JVC with DAB+




Condition: New

Brand New UK Stock from Authorised JVC Retailer - 1 year Warranty£154.86




This has a remote control but I believe the Bluetooth attachment is extra.


Does your van have the 'media pack' fitted ? only an ordinary radio will not have the 'Reversing camera/Freeview box/ small tv screen connectors that the media pack unit has.


Willing to answer specific questions.



Had a look at your radio,doesn't appear to be a DAB ?

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Having looked at the link showing the system that you are thinking about fitting and its price, I thought I'd just outline what I am in the process of doing to my 2010 Ducato based 'van.

When I bought my vehicle second hand it was already fitted with a"no-name" Chinese double din multi system media set up that had Bluetooth, gps, CD, DVDs, radio, MP3/iPod , analogue tv, reversing camera connection etc etc. The touch screen made it very easy to use. Unfortunately the touch screen aspect started to play up and now I have to either use the front button controls or remote control.

We do not use the gps, as we prefer our tom tom but got quite used to most of the other functions. I also connected the unit up to our sat tv system and whilst we rarely use it to actually watch tv we do turn it on when watching the vans main TV set as then we get a much better sound from the radio's speakers etc.



We have become so used to the various functions that I have now decided to replace the whole unit with one from either Pioneer (1650) or Blaupunkt (Los Angeles 500). You can look at the features of the Blaupunkt unit, for example, by going to u tube (Lessco does a good one) . Not sure about the sound difference between what I am looking at and the set you are going for etc but the pricing of these two units are less than the set up that you are looking at. They are very easy to fit although some dismantling of parts of the dash are required. Everything is outlined somewhere on utube - just pump in something like fitting a double din head unit and it will all come up.


Hope this is useful.



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Hi Ray

I was looking at that specific unit as it seemed to tick all the boxes but hadn't thought about DAB.

My snooper gets DAB so it may not be a problem. Is DAB+ a great improvement???

Having had my iphone and ipod working through bluetooth in previous cars that is what I focused on.

When abroad being able to use these scores points over the DAB.


I have the 634 Apache and have the reversing camera but never having worked on or wired a camera before I was hoping it just plugged in!!


Any advice would be appreciated before I take the plunge.





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Hi, been having a further look at the radio you mention The JVC KW-V20BT and it does have multiple inputs And shows an Icon for 'camera' which should mean that it would act as a Monitor for your reversing camera, however I can't see any referance to a Freeview Tuner, It certainly plays DVD's.

I think i would go to Halfords to have it Fitted, then if you are not happy you can always go back to them, to get THEM to put it right. I would explain to them what your present unit does, and if this Unit can match it (obviously not the sat-nav).

The present unit has a Relay(in the van,by the Passenger glove box) that stops the reversing camera (and TV/DVD) from working when moving fowards/ignition on. I think also that if the handbrake is not applied, then the TV/DVD will not work(not sure about that though,you could try it. ) I removed ALL of that, as I wanted a 2 lens Reversing Camera that worked All the time the ignition was on. To monitor my 'Towed Car'.

I also fitted a separate TV freeview box, and a new Drop down monitor with a DVD payer + USB/ SD play/record facility.

DAB radio, I like to listen to Classical Music, especially onsite, so, Yes, it was important to me.And with the remote I can turn it on or off from my bed. On the Move, the constant changing from one Transmitter to another can be annoying, as they are slightly 'out of sync' DAB to FM and Back. Especially during a play or any spoken piece.

Like you, I much prefere my OWN Sat-Nav, and use that.

The 'Media pack' was already on my New van when I bought it, off of the Dealers forecourt. It also had the 150 BHP engine,so it wasn't all bad. I think the Media pack just tried to do too much, and wasn't much good at any of it. ' jack of all trades, master of none'. The newer vans have an Avtex TV fitted as standard. which is much more sensible. Good Luck, let us know how you get on.



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The manual for the JVC KW-V20BT is on-line




and (on Pages 49-53) has a section on connection/installation.


There are (American) websites that have buyer-reviews of the unit - not all complimentary - that may be of interest. These are examples:





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Hi Ray

The Apache 634 has the Avtex TV fitted in the lounge area so there is no need for the Freeview and the snooper satnav has tv on board as well not that I would ever watch it.

The radio in the van is pretty rotten reception wise and constantly searching for stations I have turned off the AFC and that improves it somewhat but I am hoping all the reviews are right and I get much better reception with the JVC.

Just need to find one at the right price with a remote. Sppinneys have now offered to fit it at half price due to them not being able to supply a replacement remote. Seems Auto-Trail haven't got any????


Thanks for the info' and I will let you know how things go.

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Just to let you know I ended up buying the Pioneer AVH-X3600DAB+ from Halfords in the belief they would fit it for me as well.

Halfords Crewe are absolutely hopeless.

When I contacted them on Sunday they had it in stock and would honour the web price and if there was any problem fitting they had a company on board to come to the house so I went through to buy it.


The young lady sold me the radio system and an aerial for the windscreen and "Ollie" would ring me next day to organise me taking the MH to the store to establish the fitting.


Monday I awaited the call.

!4.00hrs I rang them but no answer.

!5.00 I got through to the lass on the till and she took notes and would advise the manager.

17.30 I spoke to some guy and he would instruct Ollie to call me Tuesday.

Tuesday and no call. I don't think they fancy the MH challange even though I am paying.


Moral of the story? Make sure you organise the fitting on the day you buy as after that they don't want to know.


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Fitted yesterday by Spinneys after the Halfords debacle.

Not sure which battery it has come off but I imagine it is the same as the original.


I will find out tomorrow as the fitter is calling in as there is reception problems on the DAB side.

It only receives 14 channels and none are BBC or local such as Signal.

I double checked it with my Snooper sat-nav and that picks up loads of channels as you would expect.

Looks like the aerial.


Everything else is great. Iphone bluetoothed instantly. Music works from the iphone via blutooth and it sounds great and is user friendly.

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The aerial on snooper is like a thin board 25mm wide by 300mm long with a sucker at each end for sticking to the windscreen.


I suppose the only reason for wanting the DAB working properly is cos' I paid for it. My experience with it on the snooper has not been great having said that I haven't used it for over year when travelling.


I wonder the point of it as I connect the snooper using an fm frequency so it becomes an fm station on the radio. Me thinks that de-DABs it???? By doing it that way I can easily turn the voice off by pushing a preset and only have it when I need it.


Having said all that the fitter turned up having remembered he had made a connection we didn't need and then sticking the foil bit to the wndscreen pillar. This cured it and hey presto it is now fully functional and I have to say it is excellent.

I plugged my old ipod classic into the auxillary and it picked it up instantly and from the wireless remote you have complete control of the ipod.


Would recommend this unit!!!


Oh yes!! in answer to the battery question it is on the leisure battery.

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