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To Dongle or not?


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If you are considering mobile dongles, I would guess a 2 hour race will be a large amount of data and be prohibitive cost wise.

For f1 I use german tv on astra1, even use this in uk for live non bbc programs with radio5live for commentry.

For internet I've got a fon router so have access to fon network, but haven't tried out side of uk yet.

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tdc4266 - 2015-02-15 12:12 PMHiwe are setting off to the Pyrenees in early May and are looking for internet conections so we can watch the F1 races via Filmon.Have looked at Dongles ect but finding it difficult to make a choice.Any sugestions much appreciated.Thanks

Have you thought of using a FON box, and finding a free wi-fi spot, and parking up? I tried this in the nearest town (Nogaro) last year and got a signal, but I didn't realize you could download from Filmon. I'll try it for real next time (in May, too!). Also, there is a newer form of dongle, which you can tether and form a wifi connection from it. Not tried that yet, but I do have one, Huaweii 3131, which does seem faster and more sensitive than others. Actually, I do have an earlier spare unlocked dongle which you could have to try, oryou could buy one on ebay and get it unlocked.


If you get a 3 sim, you only get charged at the local rate in France, not at bloated roaming rates. PM me if you want it (the stick, not the SIM).


Sometimes we drive across the Pyrenees into Spain for lunch, there's a nice bar we go to that has a big screen, and superb tapas. Luxury. True, it's in Spanish, and but in any case it's a noisy bar, we wouldn't have heard much if it were in English.


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