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Hi everyone,

First time on this site. We are travelling to Lakes Garda & Como this year, which will be our first trip to Europe. We want to come home for a few weeks and our daughter and family will fly out, pick up our

motorhome, have a holiday with it then leave it again for us coming back to carry on our journey.

We are looking for somewhere near to Brescia Airport where we could store our motorhome for a few weeks. Can anyone give us any suggestions. Any advice would be appreciated

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Ninian - 2015-02-17 3:33 PM


Hi, You would need to check with your insurance company would they allow it to be left unattended for that amount of time.


The only option if that where the case would be to do a 'handover' at the airport and then never leave it unattended. It would mean careful timing of flights and arrival but would satisfy your insurance.



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StuartO - 2015-02-17 7:45 PM


And has a letter from your authorising them to use the motorhome, in case the police want to see it.

Yes did not think of that. Also you should carry the originals of your ins/log/mot with you, so leaving the van with these in, not a good idea, how would you pass them over?

In other words you ought to do a hand over at each change, not very practical, maybe?



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