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X250, Loose Alloy Wheel, Beware.

starvin marvin

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Finally got to the bottom of the problem. Background is I had a loose "knocking" front n/s wheel in Germany, took van to a Fiat Professional in Germany who identified the problem and re-tightened to correct torque plus checked all other wheels, no charge! Van now ok, or so it seemed.


Took van into garage this week to get a front n/s noise sorted(different to the first noise) They found a worn wheel bearing on front o/s and badly corroded discs to both front wheels (this was causing new noise) plus two locating pegs that needed replacing, garage supplied me photos of required work.


These items were replaced plus new pads, and collected van yesterday, driving home and third different knocking noise from front n/s started. Took it back this morning, much head scratching, so left them to it.


Got a 'phone call later "loose wheel". This was the wheel that had the two new locating pegs fitted. The problem was the alloys could be refitted so as to foul the locating pegs, ie wheel was tightened against the pegs, not the hub. These are alloys fitted on the vehicle when new by Hymer, but you've got to know how to fit the wheels in the correct position to allow the wheel to be tightened fully back to the hub. If fitted with Fiat steel wheels, it would be no problem.


When I bought the van I had two new front tyres fitted and the rear alloys refinished. Although the back of the alloys is shaped to accept the pegs the dishing is not quite deep enough. All locating pegs have now been shortened to prevent this happening again, only needed a few mm's off, and no charge.


I know there are many different alloys out there, but beware, if you have a knocking noise after the refitting of alloys on a Fiat X250.

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