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New Fiat Ducato


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Hi, We would be interested to hear from anyone who driven the new Fiat Ducato and how it compares to the previous Fiat Ducato ie is the drive more comfortable, smoother to drive etc.

We had a fairly new Fiat Ducato van conversion and now have a VW T5 camper and have noticed the VW is much smoother to drive.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Weight for weight and size for size there is very little difference in the way that the latest Ducato drives to the ones preceeding it. VW's are normally very softly sprung and this makes them feel smoother a lot of the time but they don't carry as much weight as Ducato's and that's why the Fiat will feel more firm, and controlled and more solid. Because it is.

That being said; Euro 5 Ducato's (since 2012) are quieter in the cab and the quality of the interior of the 2014 vehicles improves refinement a little too.


You should drive one though, or you might end up changing your vehicle even more frequently!

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