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C&C show


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Well I had a bloody good day out.

After fairly major surgery in January I set this week's show as my first day out goal.

No interest in buying anything except a ACSI card for later in year,just a look at things I like.


Entrance tickets were Camping club's near to BOGOF offer,own sandwiches and drinks

and just the card bought.

Tired at the end but one goalpost passed this year




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Didn't bother going this time. We had a good go at the NEC October. The stuff we bought then, which I suspect we didn't really need and they are still in the plastic carrier bags in the garage, is still waiting to have some attention.


These big shows are certainly a convenient place to see all the makes in one place if you are thinking of buying a new motorhome and sometimes there are accessories you haven't seen before or haven't been able to locate easily. But the temptation to buy something is considerable.


Will I ever use the four tyre covers to protect my new tyre against UV light when the old tyres had suffeered no deetctable UV damage when I replaced them on age? Will I bother unreel and rewind the flat-packed, food-quality water hose when the garden hose reel I've been using for ten years works smoothly and hasn't poisoned us so far?


And I can't even remember what the other thing we bought was.

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