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Marquis Majestic--AWNING

Fred Gilpin

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Having just downsized to a Marquis Majestic, I am looking to purchase an awning and probably one of the new Air awnings, as the PROSTOR and generally the M/home much lower than my previous ones I am wondering if anyone has purchased an awning to fit one of these . The height of the rail is 240cms so it would appear that I would require a Caravan awning as these are smaller than the M/home ones.

Any help greatly appreciated

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I advise you to visit the dealer that your going to buy from and view the package they come in . I bought a top quality acrylic awning from E-bay and was astonished at the size of the thing I just couldn't find anywhere to carry it in the van.
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Welcome to the forum, Are you talking about a Roll Out or a Free standing Awning ?


If a 'Roll Out' then Fiamma do a special 'low line' one that fits onto the roof, it's the F65, and I had one on my Low line Autocruise Coachbuilt : http://www.agentfiamma.co.uk/fiamma-f65-s-awning-polar-white.html


can recommend it, very strong.

If Free standing ? I have never had one. so no opinion (apart from I gave up putting up awnings when I sold my caravan and got a motorhome). Ray

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Thanks for that. I was thinking more of something like the Kampa Air 260. Slide into rail and then inflate--a one man job hopefully.

As an aside I have sold my Savannah to buy this one. The Savannah too big for one(lost my wife recently but want to continue M/homing). Hope you are enjoying yours. I am still trying to sell the odd things as no room in this one.Savannah a great M/home and I do miss.



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My mate just bought inflatable job.....load of rubbish imo no lighter or easier to put up. I have kampa rally 200 on caravan and can highly recommend as the best awning I have ever had for ease of erecting and general quality etc. It may fit your van.
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artheytrate - 2015-03-28 6:56 PM


I have the Vango kelway airbeam and it's very quick to put up one man can do it easily, they make 2 heights suitable for van or coach built.

We are very pleased with ours.



Thanks for the recommendation.

We are going to look at what is called the largest indoor display of awnings in the country tomorrow, so will add yours to the list.

We have a pretty good idea of what we want it will be finding it at the right price that will be the problem I reckon.


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Wirralian - 2015-03-29 9:32 PM


Hi Willtravel


I am looking for a 'drive away' awning and would be interested to know where is this largest indoor awning display in the country.




Hi John

It was their words not mine!

Glossop Caravans in Glossop easily found on the A57 out of town towards Manchester.

About 25 awnings up and on display, mainly large caravan awnings and porch awnings, there were three drive-aways there, so not a lot of choice for them.

However they were very helpful and knowledgeable and we bought a Kela 2 2015 model at a good price to be delivered straight from the factory by the end of the week.

They are prepared to do a deal so don't go by advertised price!

My wife thinks there was more choice at Towsure on drive-aways but not so helpful!

I am sure there are other dealers who have a larger choice for motorhomers, I guess the clue is in the name Glossop caravans.

Good luck




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