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Google Earth Route Planning for IGO/Primo


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...as in a post earlier today, I've satisfied my curiosity that route-planning on a PC in Google Earth, and then transferring the results as a stored, invokeable route on IGO/IGO Primo, is both viable and simple.


For anyone who wishes to route-plan on a PC, rather than their device, at the same time gaining the opportunity to review the roads and countryside using Google Earth, this may be of interest.


(Note, this is Google Earth, not Google Maps - for anyone not aware, Google Earth is downloadable, and is free - but as it requires an internet connection, this is PC-planning, but not off-line planning).


I'm aware that Google Earth can configure itself differently depending on the target machine, so the following (attached) instructions may differ for others, but should provide a good starter.


Any feedback is welcome - I'll update the instructions as necessary.

Route Planning for IGO8.pdf

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