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Campérêve and Rapido panel-van models are converted nowadays in Rapido’s factory complex on the outskirts of Mayenne.


The insulation specification of the Campérêve vehicles is described here




but no equivalent details are provided for Rapido vans.


As will be evident from their respective websites Campérêve’s Magellan 643 and Rapido’s V55 are (literally) twins, having the same layout/size and Modul’Space swinging-wardrobe arrangement. Logically, it would be peculiar if the basic build methodology used for the V55 differed from that of the Magellan 643: conversely, if Rapido used the same ‘high-tech’ XHP insulation material as Campérêve, one might expect Rapido to advertise that fact as a significant selling-point.


It seems more probable than not that a current-model Campérêve Magellan 643 and a Rapido’s V55 would be the same insulation-wise, and I’d be prepared to place a small wager that this is the case.


Your best bet would be ask the UK Campérêve agent.




Highbridge may not be able to give you an instant Yes-or-No answer but, if you emphasise that good insulation is absolutely vital to you as you’ll be using the motorhome all year round, they should be able to obtain a definitive response from the Rapido factory. (You might want to leave approaching Highbridge for a few days, as I believe many of their sales staff are at home recuperating from the NEC Show.)



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Very helpful reply Derek's.

I had not realised panel van insulation had moved on so much from the days of stuffing in loose wool fibre glass or a meagre layer of Thinsulate with gaps all round and exposed metal for cold bridging.

Is the Camperive/Rapido system common practice or is there a wide gap in panel van insulation standards.

I don't think it is sufficient to meet winterisation standards by being able to just pump a van full of heat.


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The insulation on a Devon Sapphire (2014 conversion) had no insulation in the Volkswagen Crafter overcab. On a cold night it would result in severe condensation which then showered us when we drove off. The boss of Devon informed me that they never insulated the Crafter overcab.
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