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ever seen a prev owned motorhome

duetto owner

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Yes, we have - twice! Once for a van we sold that we spotted several years later at a show and once again at a show where we were approached by the previous owner of the van we had at that time.


Both meetings were informative and cordial and it was kinda reassuring that a van that we sold in good faith had turned out to be reliable whereas the one we bought had a history of unreliability and issues with the previous owner but had turned out to be perfectly behaved for us.


We always keep an eye out for previous vans at shows or on the odd occasion we go to a weekend meet just in case!

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Guest Had Enough

Many years I once saw a caravan that we'd previously owned. It was parked next door on a site in Scotland.


Just had a similar coincidence though. I traded in my first MH, a Lunar, for a new Hobby at a firm in Bradford. They sold on the Lunar to a man who was very pleased with it and the immaculate condition I'd kept it in.


When I decided to buy my current Hymer I sold back my Hobby to the same dealer, who offered me a decent price and saved me the hassle of selling it privately.


A month ago I had a phone call from the dealer to tell me that the same man who bought my Lunar had been to see them and fallen for the Hobby. It was only when they completed the paperwork that they realised that both 'vans had been mine.


The dealer asked permission to give my details to the customer and I've been able to help him out with a few things about my Hobby.


The man lives in the south of England so was obviously as happy as I was with the Bradford dealer.




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Just for curiosity a few months back I just did a word search on the VWT4 based Autosleepers Clubman van we sold 8 years ago VRM .


It was on a dealers website for the same price we got for it and had just sold..


I gave the dealer a a call and had a chat. It had 125,000 miles on the clock having put on the usual average just under 4,000 miles a year and had all its paperwork including my briefing on all its quirks. Apart from servicing no serious money had been spent since it left me and as far as I know was still on all its original main components. The only replacements during my 8 years of ownership covering 60,000 miles was a set of injectors and cambelt.

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