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12v fans


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I've always been a fan of 12 volts - I like it so much we use it all the time when away!


These run silently and whilst not pretty they won't keep you awake either and will run via a usb/12v adapter!




Many computer cooling fans run off 12 volts and are more compact but just as non-pretty and it pays to check the voltage before you buy it!



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We have used a couple of "O2 Cool" battery fans for some years. They run on 2 D cells rather and a 12v supply but they last the best part of a week of nights on one set of batteries on slow speed setting and they provide just the right amount of breeze across your head/face from a bedside table when it's stuffy. You can contrive an external 3v dc supply with them if you wish but they last so well on batteries we've stuck with those.




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