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Hymer spares


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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Kathryn.


There’s a good chance your Hymer’s tap is from the “Reich” range and you may be able to spot it from the photos here




If you can’t reach the underside of the tap because the oven prevents access, logically you’ll need to remove the oven to replace the tap.


Suggest you discuss this with Hambilton Engineering as they specialise in older Hymers and may know of some crafty technique to avoid oven removal.



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Peter Hambildon is only working Tuesdays to Thursday nowadays and if you telephone for advice you might struggle to talk to him because Rosie, the Receptionist/Administrator lady, seems to guard him quite protectively. But removing an oven and replacing a tap is probably well within the scope of most motorhome dealers' workshops.


Mine is a 2006 Hymer B674 and the tap may be the same type. And I can access the underneath of the tap because we have a drawer below the sink so I'll try to photograph it to give you and idea of the layout..


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When I did mine I removed the sink. I think your sink is square mine is round (522 Van). However the tap looks the same, mine is held by a nut underneath, removing the sink gave me access.


The sink is probably siliconed in so a sharp knife to cut all round is useful.


By the way, the switch and/or the wire to the switch do fail, these can be replaced separately.



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