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Overnight in Oberhausen, Duisberg or Essen, Germany?


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We're going to a concert in Oberhausen, Germany and are looking for an Aire-type overnight stop within 20 miles or so.


Oberhausen is near Duisberg, Mulheim and Essen.


Anyone have any experience or recommendations?




Mike & Sandie

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Ive found a couple in Mullheim one a Gasthof max 3 nts free for guests

47deg 48'32"N/7deg36'26" E


direct on the B3in Mullheim


The other 47d48'9"/7d38'1"E Stellplatz in Parkplarz in unmittelbarer 3 places on Asphalt that is also kostenlos /free max 2 nts.


We haven't stayed at either they are in the BordAtlas you could see if you can find them on Google.


Its best to have a couple of options just in case!!

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there is also a stelleplatz at Niebuhrg-Theatre Oberhausen in Niebuhrstrasse 61

Haven't stayed there but it is 5euros per night.

We actually stayed at a free stelleplatz in Moers last year its about 10 kilometres from oberhausen, attached to a public park so security may be an issue if left unattended.

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