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Westfalia James Cook


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Sorry can't answer your question.


But I did look up what a James Cook was.


Wow what an amazing looking motorhome.


Very clinical inside with all the plastic, I guess it is very lightweight.


It looks like quality Germany engineering and typically Germany engineering prices too.


Good luck with your information quest.




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Can't offer advice/help where you can currently see one- but as there has been little response I thought that I would offer what I think I know.

Used to be imported by 'Deepcar' might be followed by International motorhomes. They are not in business now but you can google their background - they were small company in Sheffield

Back in 2006/7 they did send me a brochure and Priced one up for me when I was in the market for a compact motorhome. I didn't really like the odd look of the James Cook but it did seem to fit my practicality demands at a cost(expensive)

I opted for a new original Hymer Exsis SG which I still have and have not found anything more practical as several other long term owners agree.

We have our own forum - originally formed from members of this site.

Our little Exsis is quite unique and rare and much sought after

Your best bet for James Cook would be the German marketplace ,I am not expert in that area........ someone like " Judgemental " could advise, but he does not seem to post on this forum now

Or even that very helpful Derek whom I see has just posted

They are rareer than hens teeth but I did see one on the road once


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