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Thetford Toilet


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Hoping someone can help... we are new to this..

Inside the cassette storage compartment of our Thetford C400 there is a spring hanging down ( the loop it was attached to has broken) the spring is attatched to a metal lever, which when pulled moves the vent lever on the toilet itself.

The toilet still works, so we are not sure what this does, or if it matters.

Can't find anything in the manual... Any ideas anyone????

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I’m pretty sure the spring merely tensions the shaft that carries (on its top) the handle that operates the 'blade-valve' at the base of the toilet bowl.


If you download this C400-related part of Thetford’s repair manual




towards the bottom of the file you’ll find a 2-page section headed “SC400/C500 Shaft. Part Number 51802”. If you look at the photos at the top of the second page of that section you’ll see the spring.


The repair seems relatively simple and the necessary bits are not that dear.



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