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Rapido A Class Headlights


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...you don't say which year your vehicle is, but I would assume that it is fitted with one of the part numbers shown in the attached "clip".


There has been some debate on here as to whether the Hella lights come in different forms for RHD/LHD, or whether the built-in adjustment simply changes from one to the other.


As Hella have different part numbers for LHD/RHD, I favour the argument that they are, in fact, different units.


Accordingly, one would expect that your 'van would be fitted (unless subsequently updated) with the LHD unit.


There is an adjustment on these lights which is carried out by loosening the crews holding the unit into the mounting, and then rotating the light as far as it will go (the direction should be obvious) and then re-tightening the screws. I would expect such an adjustment to and LHD unit to achieve a "flat" beam, rather than the "kick-up" designed for LHD use.


(If the RHD units are already fitted, it would potentially have the effect of changing a flat beam to a RHD "kick-up").


A rather long-winded (but informative) reference can be found here:





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