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Dolce and Gabbana


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Nice to see two high profile gays agreeing with my view on same sex ' families '

Fashion world biggies Dolce and Gabbana who once were an item described children from same sex families as synthetic and unnatural .. I have to say I agree with them

Having gay friends hopefully proves I'm not homophobic before anyone starts with names . Maybe I'm old fashioned but for me children are something men and women have naturally and if not naturally and it's through IVF then that's down to an unfortunate health issue not some physically impossible same sex relationship

Elton John in his usual hissy fit way has voiced his anger at the comments made , I assume the outraged brigade would have been out in full had the comments been made by two straight folk

I'll be buying all my underwear at Dolce and Gabbana now to show my support , matching vest and yfronts

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