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Hi everyone - new to to this forum - and desperate for help.


I have a Geist Spirit 560 Motorhome. I seemed to have developed a problem with water pressure. All was working well earlier before the summer. Not sure if pressure started to drop off in shower, but we eventually lost pressure down to trickle during our summer break. I figured it was a pump problem and fitted another pump during the trip. It didn't help. Used sites with shower blocks and carried water for a couple of months until it was put away for the winter.


I figured it wasn't a big problem and decided to re-look at it today. The water is just dumping to the outside of the motorhome when the pump runs. I have the solenoid safety valve in the closed position but it still seems to dump all the water. The other valve is closed (I believe) but have tried it in all positions - just in case. The lever is either vertical or flat - I assume flat is closed?


I would appreciate any help.


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