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1997 Swift Royale 590 Ducato chassis 12 volt issue


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Hope someone can help with this issue?


I fitted a new chassis battery yesterday as it was getting tired, serviced it all the filters and oils ready for next weekend, Started the engine and the fridge wasn't working on 12v fuse under the bonnet gone. New fuse and still no lamp on fridge illuminated, thinking it could be the switch I check for 12 volts. its got 3 wires to it 2 while and a brown going to the middle terminal. 12 volts at the bottom white transferred to the middle brown when switched on but nothing to the top wire.

As removing the fuse when the engine is running creates a small spark so its drawing power so may be working after all made a note to run the engine today and check the temp of the fridge.


Today I have no power from the leisure battery lamps very dim. Check voltage at battery 13.4. I turned the charger on and the voltage starts to rise towards the yellow segment on the panel lights go brighter.


Went into get the TV to either kill or cure and I lost everything like the extra draw has broken the connection, so now no lamps at all and 5 volts at the fuses, if I flick the switch to under bonnet battery all is well again but not from the leisure battery away for 10 days from Friday as well lots of time then.



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Just by way of an update in case it suddenly gives anyone an idea, the van seems to be doing something different each time I check it. Today all seemed well again both batts reading full and 12 volts restored everywhere. I started the van to check if the fridge was working on 12v, ( I was checking with the lazer temp gun and after 10 mins of running the engine the heat sink in the fridge had gone up in temp if anything.


Turned the engine off and the erratic readings on the volt gauge were back. I then removed and tested both the relays under the bonnet both ok, cleaned contacts and refitted, start the engine and both an be felt to click.

I then removed and checked the relay in the leisure battery compartment under the wardrobe, it seemed ok as well, not sure what this one does possibly switches over when engine runs don't really know. Nothing works with it out though but both batteries read full on the gauge, lights were pulsing though when I had the charger running so maybe they were pulsing due to the smart charger effect??


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