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Camos satelite dome problem


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Hello - I hope there is someone out there who can help me

I have a 2005 in motion Camos dome which is out of warranty and unsupported. ( I never use in motion)

Last Year at the same time (march April) My camos span round but would not stop rotating to fine tune.

Usually it does one or so rotations, finds the satellite direction and then fine tunes.

Each time after I removed the dome cover it would work, and find the satellite. However when I replaced the dome it would continue working but go back to the rotating cycle again when I moved!!!!!

Roadpro have been 1st class trying old parts and when I changed the lnb the problem seemed solved!!!!

It worked fine all last summer without a single failure

However last week it all came back again. From previous experience I decided to buy a new LNB and hoped it would fix the problem again

Unfortunately the problem returned again - just spinning. in Desperation whilst in Belgium I simply removed the dome cover and restarted the system. Magically it immediately began to work correctly???????.

I touched nothing - I only removed the cover?? It will fail again when I try it again in a few days at a new site

I have changed the limit switches and swapped all parts with the help of Roadpro.

Why, when I remove the dome will it always work but fail again as son as it is replaced and I move ???

I am running out of ideas. Air pressure within the dome relieved when I remove the dome? Temperature - it is close to freezing

Finally the dome does not leak, is incredibly clean and dry inside. I have tried all connections for loose or dry fitting

Any ideas please



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I have one of these which so far has been trouble free. Obviously the cover reduces the satellite signal very slightly so I wonder if you have a slightly loose connection somewhere between the LNB and your receiver. Have you even thought about trying another receiver box? Just some thoughts.
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Thanks for the ideas

I have swapped out the Camos receiver box with another unit and the connections seem fine

As it is almost certainly a problem between the Dome LBN and the satellite receiver box I will have another look when I return home

The thing I cannot fathom is why, when I simply remove the 12 bolts, remove the dome, do not touch the internal dish and restart the system, IT WORKS????????


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A slight sideways thought that the plastic in the dome is degrading due to UV, stress (wind buffeting when driving) and becoming more dense thus stopping the signal ? You can see on some plastics when you bend them, they turn a differnt colour at the stress points.


Maybe see if you can try a different dome / cover.?



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Thanks for the input

I am on my third dome

One cracked by a bird

The replacement did not have uv coating and was replaced

The current dome is new and perfect

On the dome

Mine worked with two rolls of tape all over to repair the bird strike

You can also paint them if required

Still scratching my head as there is no logic on why it intermittently fails

Btw no damage was done internally following the bird strike


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