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Double floor 4 berth


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I am new to this. Just starting to do some research.


Married with 11 and 13 year old kids.


Interested in the ability to go skiing in Scotland and the Alps. Live in Edinburgh so could be cold anyway!!


So it seems double floor would be good.


Just looked at a tired 7 year old Hymer 544. It seems that the older 544s have a double and a single in the lounge as well as the pull down? But most Hymers seem to have poor layouts for a family??


So any advice on other models? Will be second hand, say up to 40k. Good resale value. Able to overnight in - 10 degrees!! Decent beds for 4!


Thanks in advance.





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You're right, the B544 was originally sold as a 5 berth. Some have had the 4 seated dinette converted to a long sofa making it 4 berth with a bit more room. Not sure on the number of belted seats when converted.


But seriously would you really like to spend a lot of time cooped up in a 6 metre van or thereabouts with 3 other adults? and all the clobber for skiing?? No thanks. Go for some thing much bigger.

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We are relatively new to this game as well and have recently jumped in with both feet and bought a motorhome. Some of the key things that we considered, and this is by non means exhaustive and I am sure there are many more experienced people out there who can and will add comments:-


Payload – probably the most overlooked point by newcomers to the extent we ended up upgrading to a 4250kg chassis but that brings it own issues as well! (licence, vignettes and speed limits issues to name but three!) Lots of info on this on this site.


Garage – if you have your own ski kit quite important.

Manufacturers: Adria are renown for building good winterised vans, Rapido (our choice) have double floor version of coach built and A classes. I know quite a few of the German vans do but I am not well up on the specific models. (Euromobil, Hymer, Knaus, Defhleffs and Burstner are all worth checking out)


We have friends who have an Exis single floor Hymer and regularly ski in the Alps for 6 to 8 weeks with no issues, so whilst a good thing to consider I don't believe it has to be a deal breaker from everything I have read and people I have spoken too.


We plan to ski, from March onwards, using ours which is a single floor but everything, apart from the grey water tank is internal but the tank is lagged, has an electric element and blown air heating around it, but plan on staying in valley camp sites where we can hookup and use the heated floor!

Whether all this works remains to be seen! We have done our share of 'force 7' Scottish skiing and well, are a bit more selective now!


We will know whether we got things right after we pick up the 'truck' in July and head off for out first trip.

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Thanks for that comprehensive reply.


Which model of Rapido did you go for??


There are a lot of brands and a lot of models!!


We are off around Scotland in a hired van over Easter. I think it may turn out to be quite cold so we shall see what happens!!

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We ended up ordering an 881f we were able to compare quite a few of the 8 series and this ticked most of the boxes. I think the layout is a bit of a 'marmite' thing though. You either really like it or can’t stand it! We have bought it from Workingham Motors - Rapido specialist and so far they have been a delight to deal with.


Happy to chat off line if you like as we live in Edinburgh as well.



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The range of used MHs available in UK will reflect the prevalence of older couples as MH owners in UK, rather than families and skiiers, even though that's now changing. There are Hymer (and other manufacturers') models which suit young families and skiing, for example with bunk beds and external ski cupboards, than you see in UK.


I was browsing the 2015 Hymer brochure on line today and the choice of layouts is amazing. Design ideas are changing too, so for example a transverse double at the rear was common and popular but these days it's either twin singles or an island bed.


When you are buying your first MH budget usually matters a lot and you will probably be reluctant to jump in and spend the price of a new one, even if you can afford one - but the choice of layouts in used stock in UK might be disappointing.

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Thanks for all the replies. There are so many vans its very difficult!


Anyway prime contender is now Hymer 674SL A Class. There are about 3 for sale in the whole of Europe! This was after discussing it with Bundesvan. Just under 40k pounds for a 2008 model. Thats quite a lot of money!! Will be LHD.


We are pretty certain we want 2 single beds and a dropdown double as our 2 kids are just about teenagers.


So some questions:


Anything else we should look at?

A Knaus Sky i 650 is on www.mobile.de new for just over 40k pounds! Why are we not getting that??!!


As someone mentioned we have given up on size. We will just accept it is big and plan accordingly. Not store it at home and head for campsites.


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