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Adblock advice please...


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Hi all..

Over recent months our laptop has become slower at loading certain sites, with the likes of ebay and newspaper websites being the worst.


The main page and graphics seem to load okay but it then appears to "stall" whilst it fills in all the ads etc..


We tend to keep the laptop relatively clutter free (delete cookies/history, and carryout defrags', disc cleanups, disc error checks etc).


So I just wondered whether something like free Adblock would help? https://adblockplus.org/

...or to they just raise other issues? (...also, do they remain free!?)


(we're using Windows 7 and IE 11) Thanks.

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Adblock works well and remains free.


So do Malware Bytes Anti Malware (free version) and CCleaner (free version)


CCleaner can be set to clean when the computer fires up and you can also clean up your start menu and your registry which all helps and it also has live monitoring.


A MBAM scan often finds crud left behind by an MS Defender(or whatever they call it now) scan and every little helps.


I do not use IE or Windows Live (used to be outlook express) as I prefer the Mozilla versions or Chrome as a browser.


There are far more knowledgeable folks than me who no doubt will have some more idea but computers do slow with age - don't we all - but unless you know where to delve to get rid of the excess baggage some of it may be best left untouched.

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Thanks for that Rich'...


I think we'll give adblock a go then...


I'm not totally convinced it's just the ads'...as you say, it may just be a case of it slowing down slightly..and there has been the odd occasion where it has stuttered when loading an ad' free page... :-S


..and I think you're right, I'll steer clear of getting too stuck into it and just deleting programs, whose name I don't recognise... (lol)



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