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Help with Flywheel please ...


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Hi Candice and welcome to our madhouse!


Can you clarify which is it you seek - 2.5D, or petrol which I believe was 1.9, as also fitted in Peugeot 504/505 and possibly others of that era?


Have you tried these people? http://www.speedyspares.co.uk/


There used to be a guy called Derek Findlay aka Delfin Designs who was good with Talbots but he seems to have ceased trading unless anyone knows better?

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Thanks for your reply, we have been in contact with them on many occasions .... just can't get him to confirm if he has actually got the correct one .... sooooooo frustrating!!!


Derek Uzzell - 2015-03-28 6:41 PM


A GOOGLE-search on “talbot express spares" retrieves several sources including this specialist




(Delfin Designs ceased trading over 3 years ago.)

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....given the wording in your original post, (Fiat Ducato Talbot, 2.5 Diesel, 2.5, petrol) I would advise you to be clear as to whether the vehicle is a Fiat Ducato or a Talbot Express as over the years different engines were fitted in the two versions.


The 2.5 turbo diesel was definitely entirely different in the two makes for part of their life, (Sofim in the Ducato and Citroen-based in the Express), and it could be that the same will apply to the non-turbo.


This would patently affect which flywheel you need.


It might also be useful to give the year of manufacture.


Edited to add:


These might be a good contact to try - though I don't think they have anything in their online shop.





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...quiet night on the TV!!


The Talbot Owners club site is good for contacts (if indeed it is an Express not a Ducato)




(I note that Coastal Motorhomes are also mentioned there)


....and, though it would be a coincidence if this were for the correct version, it might be worth a query....





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