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High pitch whistle from PSU/Charger


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I plugged the MH into the mains today and switched on the PSU/charger and straight away got a message on the display saying the PSU was too hot and cooling down. As I haven't been in the MH for a couple of weeks I turned it off straight away and went through the test procedure.


The test completed I tried again. This time all seemed ok until the PSU started making a high pitch whistle but no warning message.


Clearly something is wrong but not sure what.


I did do do little tinkering with the 12v cig lighter port in the lounge area but literally took out a connector that had been stuffed inside it. Nothing major and all put back together correctly although I'm sure it's not coincidence that problems started straight after this.


Anyone got any ideas on what may be wrong?




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Hello, I think you have a Sargent charging system in there, is that correct?


My guess would be that there is nothing wrong other than a very low battery, maybe it's also old and tired? we are A and N Caravan who specialise in Motorhome Charger rebuilds.


All the symptoms are of a charger unit working flat out :

1. The overheat warning.

2. The high pitched sound is either a Fan with a worn bearing spinning at top speed trying to keep things cool or one of the Transformers working really hard?


Unless you shorted the Cig port and took a lot of current out of the battery I can't see how it would influence what you are seeing/hearing.


Clearly the battery is placing the unit under some stress which will shorten the chargers life if the battery is past it?.

Batteries past their best kill more charger units than any other issue.

See our Battery Charger Faults page on the website : http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/battery-charging-faults.php

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Managed to get the MH looked at last weekend and the problem seemed to be a bank of 2 dead batteries.


Got them removed and have just done 3 days away on hhok up with no issues experienced.


We are having a night away with no hook up again at the weekend so will see how we get on with a bank of two batteries rather than two banks of two.

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