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LED flush ceiling lighting

Fiat Ducato

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Hi everyone


I am currently in the process of replacing my Coach built motorhome ceiling due to water ingress and while I'm ripping everything out and renewing it all. I would like to upgrade the 2 existing ceiling lights which use car bulbs (2 bulbs in each light) and have individually switches on them. With 4 or 6 chrome or brushed steel flush LED downlighters, however my question is how do I go about creating them all in parallel (connected together) and install a switch to switch them all on and off.

There are also spotlights under the units which are individual switchable and I will leave, so as I have the option to create low lighting in certain areas.


I would be very interested to hear from people who have done similar projects and if photo's are available that would be super, so I can see the effect once completed.


Many thanks


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