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Can anyone tell me what this is for?

Fiat Ducato

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Good morning to you all


Not long had this motorhome and was wondering what this bar fitted across the rear panel with large metal eyelets is for? (see attached photo its outlined in yellow) Was it fitted originally or added as an extra, I'm guessing the later, as where this as been screwed through into the timbers with standard screws, not sealed properly it as completely rotted the timber structure that it was screwed to, and spread into some of the other timbers.

I have well and truly opened up a can of worm with this motorhome, water ingress everywhere, the more I investigate the more I discover, and I'm the type of person who believes in doing the job properly, and its just not in my nature to ignore it, cover it up or leave it.


I think I will just remove it, fill and seal the holes, then fit new treated timbers, new insulation and wall panels.



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That looks like a Scooter carrier on the back, my guess is he used the eyes for steadying and securing the scooter in place, and perhaps a cover over it too, but not properly sealing it on the back wall is unforgivable and extremely stupid, stainless steel bolts with interior spreader plates and a tube of Sikaflex 512 would have seen a 'proper job' done, with no leaks. ' Spoiling the ship for a halfpenny worth of tar' comes to mind.

Good Luck ! Ray

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Commiserations. Such careful siting so gravity assists water flow.

I take it you have accessed the rot from the interior.


Depending on your skills provided the damage is confined to the back wall it should be possible to cut out the rot ( go about 150mm further) and using waterproof adhesives bond in new timber.


Don't make the mistake of ripping all the rot out as its residual strength will help preserve the shape. Do one piece at a time preserving as far as possible structural integrity while work is in progress.


Please take pics of work in progress and post.


Best of luck

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