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water heater whale mk11


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I believe you own a current-model Elddis Autoquest 115 motorhome.

Issue 5 of the Elddis Autoquest handbook includes the following “Draining Down Your Water System” advice (Section 6.4)

Draining Down Your Water System

(i) It is essential that you drain down your motorhome water system when it is not in use. This is most important during winter months to protect against frost damage

(ii) Disconnect the water pump and switch off power supply.

(iii) Open the safety drain valve on the water heater located next to the water heater.

(iv) Open all taps and remove all plugs from sinks and showers. Lever operated taps should have the lever put into the up and central position.

(v) Open both the blue and grey drain outlets on the outside of your motorhome.

(vi) Adjust the level of the motorhome to ensure that the drain outlet is at the lowest point of the motorhome.

I’m not sure from your wording whether you expect the Whale water-heater to also drain if you empty the motorhome’s fresh-water tank, but that’s not what will happen. 

To drain the water-heater you need to open the taps and open the safety drain valve that is located next to the heater. 

If you follow that procedure the water-heater should begin to empty and you should be aware that this is happening because the 13 litres of water that are in the Whale water-heater should begin to pour out from beneath the motorhome.

(There’s no particular reason to think the water-heater won’t fully empty, but I guess you could put a container beneath the heater’s drain-outlet and measure how much water comes out if this really concerns you.) 
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It looks like the ‘water draining’ advice in the Elddis manual for your motorhome has been copied over from earlier manuals for Autoquest models that had a Truma Ultrastore water-heater rather than the current Whale Mk 2 unit.


The following link carries pictures of 8-litre (WH0802) and 13-litre (WH1302) Whale Mk 2 water-heaters




You’ll see that both have a fitting at the bottom-left corner of the blue front section. This fitting is referred to as the



Incorporating drain function


and has a yellow lever on its end. Moving the yellow lever to its open position (and opening a hot tap) should cause the water-heater to drain.


(I haven’t been able to establish easily which way the lever is turned to open/close it, but I’m guessing that when horizontal the lever is closed and when vertical the lever is open and water will drain. You’ll need to use your initiative, but the way the lever operates should become apparent when you try to move it.)


These installation/operating instructions may also be be useful to you





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