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Alde 3000 compact overheating ?


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typical, setting out for a holiday in the morning and we have a problem ?? Our system has worked without a problem for 4 years but last time out for a single night it didn't heat the van. I assumed an airlock as the pump seemed to be working fine. I was on a hook up and didn't even consider the boiler might be at fault. Drove home and it heated up a treat so I assumed I had bled it out but forgot that this time it was being heated by the engine via a heat exchanger. Tried today on gas and the boiler lights for 5 minutes and then goes off, I don't get a red light on the panel by the way. The pump is rotating fine and if I reset the boiler after it has cooled it will start again for 5 minutes. My wife is going to love me if we have no heating or hot water for ten days ???? I didn't mention the water cartridge will be empty but it should work fine on heating only. And help would be appreciated!!
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