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Fixed twin beds in 6m van


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We are considering purchasing a PVC and our ideal van would have 2 fixed single beds, front dinette, travel seats for 4 (inc driver) in a van under six metres in length.


We thought no such PVC (or coachbuilt) existed that would exactly match the spec. Plenty at 6.4m long, but we really wanted to stick with 6m to fit comfortably on the drive at home without blocking access for other vehicles.


Anyway, we've found one which was launched in January by Globecar - the Globestar 600L




It appears to consist of the sleeping accommodation of the existing 'Campscout', married to the bathroom, kitchen and dinette of the existing compact 'Roadstar R'.


We have made inquiries and gather there are none in the UK yet, but we're lined up to view asap.


Does anybody know of any other PVCs with fixed singles and travel seats for 4 at maximum 6 metres length?





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colin - 2015-04-05 4:25 PM


Not seen one of those Globecars in the flesh, but does seem to be pushing layout to limit.


It does, but we've been in a 2015 Roadstar R and a 2014 Campscout, and it looks as though the new model might just work for us.


I t would certainly keep the van very maneuverable and easy to park.



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Comparing it to our Campscout.

It's 14" shorter, but same wheelbase, so just a little easier to park or turn.

For the shower room, our van has a relatively large shower room when fully deployed, so if this is a bit smaller should be OK, I would want to see how doors work, on ours one part of sliding door is rapidly deployed to either make toilet part of rear or part of front, a very handy feature.

The Fridge moved to under sink is not quite so good, but most vans have it in similar position so no big deal, BUT, on our van the fridge forms a part of dividing van into two keeping galley well separated from bedroom, this might make van more open, but I'd like to see a 'solid' panel at end of galley.

On our van we sacrificed a drawer for grill and even so we have loads(read too much) of storage for galley, with this van there's less storage to start with and if fitting a grill might make it a bit tight.

The size of dinette table on our van gives plenty of room for two dining, 'cozy' for four dining, I would guess this van is OK for two dining, but might be a bit too tight for four.

The rear of van I guess is pretty much as Campscout so (much) more storage than we normaly need.


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Many thank for your observations - very helpful.


Agree, the small fridge down on the floor is not absolutely ideal - but we could manage.


We rather like the open aspect of the Globestar, without the slightly enclosed aspect between bedroom and living space on some of the other Globecar models. And great rearward visibility from the driving seat through the back doors.


The bathroom is similar, but not quite the same as the Campscout. The doors operate in much the same way though.


We definitely would not want a grill. The one on our current van is used as the 'medicine cabinet' *-) Don't think we've ever lit the grill.


The living area of the Globestar is best described as 'bijou', but again we reckon we'd manage OK. And we think there's just about sufficient storage around the kitchen.


Thanks again for your feedback.



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