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greatest choice of used motorhomes


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I think that there is a lot of choice from March onwards as people change their MH's for newer models.

Have a look at the West Country Motorhomes website and you will see a section in the drop down menus for motorhomes that are due in.


We changed ours in March and the list grew steadily longer from about January onwards and is still showing ones that are due in up until August. Not sure how other dealers show theirs though but I would think that if WCM have quite a few and I mean lots coming in, then other dealers must be similar.



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Guest pelmetman

Choice wise I guess its spring when many people try to sell in order to capitalize on rising prices ;-) ...........


I'd of thought the most financially advantages time to buy is in winter, plus its a time when any damp issues would be most obvious :-| ..........



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But more is not always better especially if you know what you want.


If your new pride and joy turns out to be it's last owner's nightmare it may well prove better to have waited for what you want to appear locally than to drive hundreds of miles for it and suffer the angst of repeated returns when it goes wrong?


My own experience is that a good 6 or 9 month dealer's own warranty that covers everything with no ifs or buts is far better than any insurance backed warranty with more holes than the Titanic!


Be aware of some 2 or 3 year insurance backed warranties that are dependent on you having the base vehicle servicing and hab checks done by expensive dealers and in return are limited in payout in 2nd and 3rd years. Read the small print before you sign for the warranty.


Happy hunting!

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