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RV in Orlando


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We are thinking of hiring an RV in Orlando, any hints or tips would be welcome.


Is there a particular chain of campground to look out for?


In the UK we much prefer the small sites with good views and min facilities to the all singing all dancing sites, although as a treat not a problem.


Is there good places to stay, thinking of the Everglades and experiencing more of the nature side of the area? Partners a keen wildlife photographer.


Will also be spending a day or two on the rides.


Kennedy Space Center.


As the RV will be our only mode of transport what is it like parking at resorts and the like, are they more geared up for larger vehicles.


Thanks in advance



(lol) (lol) (lol)

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Every one THINKS BIG. You will be no different to anyone else. We used Cruise America. twice. All the hire companies are geared up to the tourist. Touring is big business there. Many people follow the seasons up and down the country all the time.


Do your research and above all study well the distances between points. It can take you longer than you think, and I do mean LONGER. Restrict your mileage to 100 per day and try to plan your route so that you have spare time to cut short a place or area.


IT IS A VAST PLACE. Please do a lot of research and remember too much travelling can spoil a holiday.


You will enjoy it to be sure and do not try and do too much !





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