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Where do I get LED bulbs?


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In a few weeks time we're planning to take our Elddis Autoquest 200 out for a few days camping on a site with out any electrical hook ups. I want to minimise our electricity usage and to this end I'm looking to swap the original tungsten bulbs in the 12v task light for LED bulbs.


However, I can't work out what the bulb fitting is (see picture). The metal cylinder has a diameter of about 15mm and a length of approx.15mm + 3mm for the terminal sticking out. Is this a BA15 fitting? If, not, what is it?


Where can I get some LED replacement bulbs?




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The bulb in your photo ls almost certainly a “207S” type (Small - 15mm bayonet-fitting base-cap).




You can obtain LED direct replacements for this bulb (examples here)












When replacing an incandescent bulb with a LED bulb you’ll need to ensure that a) there is room in the light-fitting for the LED bulb, b) the LED bulb’s light output will be suitable (ie. neither too bright nor too dim) and c) the colour of the light produced by the LED bulb is acceptable.


I’m not sure what a “12v task light” is, but 10W 207S bulbs were commonly used in motorhomes/caravans for ‘reading lights’. Some LED bulbs produce an intense bluish light (often referred to as ‘cool white’) while others produce a more yellow ‘warm white’ light. It’s down to personal preference, but received wisdom seems to be to choose warm white LED bulbs for light fittings in a leisure-vehicle’s living area. If you are planning to purchase a fair number of LED bulbs and there are light-colour/wattage options, you might be wise to order samples to allow you to decide which will be most suitable.





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