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Camp sites or stopovers

Tea man

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There's a municipal camp site on the southern outskirts of Zaragoza see here . . .https://alanrogers.com/campsite/camping-municipal-de-zaragoza-ES91040


It's a large site and to be honest is expensive but you also get a swimming pool and snack bar thrown in. There is easy access to the ring road and access to the motorway to so port tunnel. On the other side (French) there are a couple of aires once you descend the mountains but to be honest I have never stopped in any of them but moved on straight away.


If you want to stay away from camp sites there is a truck stop / service station at 40.753848 N, -1.338428 W

on the motorway about an hour before Zaragoza. It has plenty of space to park and has motor home water/dumping facilities . I've also used the truck wash there great for only 1euro.


Before the so port tunnel the roads are brilliant on the Spanish side but reminiscent of North Wales on the French side but quite passable,


Hope that helps


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