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Leisure Battery wiring problem - 2005 Autocruise Star**


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Hi, I've had trouble with above and several people have checked it over but I still have a problem with a couple of lights and Water/Battery checker not working.

I suspect a wire is wrongly connected but the manual doesn't give the full detail to check it out.

I'd be really grateful if an owner of a Starmist (mine) or Starfire (think the same/similar) could take a quick picture of theirs and send to me !


Thanks, D

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Problem started after leisure battery was replaced. All fuses have been checked and re-checked lots and none were blown. To release the battery the wires were disconnected individually.


When I checked the limited wiring details that come with the m'home the water heater should have brown lead to negative. I found a single brown lead (one of two) that was wired to positive, so I tested to negative, looked good, changed it and heater now works fine.


I've now got the other brown wire to which is still connected to positive .....which seems weird ?! ... hence request for picture or wiring details. (Swift don't have this for the van)


Thanks D

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I have a 2006 Starblazer. The wiring diagram shows that the positive from the battery is initially red, then changes to Brown/Blue after the fuse. This is the line to the main habitation circuits.


The negative from the battery is initially black but then changes to White/Orange.


There are separate feeds to the heater, which is a diesel Eberspcher. These are brown for negative and red for positive!


The Starblazer will not be exactly same as yours but I hope that helps. I could send you the diagram as a Windows Bitmap image if you want. PM me your e-mail and I'll attach it for you but will have to be today ,Wednesday.



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