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Dealing with Dangerous Drivers


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Re Dash Cams here is my contribution.

Last month on a trip to the central highlands in Scotland I was driving down a very narrow remote 25 mile dead end road to Ranoch Moor taking my time and care on the many blind corners in my small 6 meter Camper.

As we carefully approached a bend to the left on a slight down hill stretch suddenly 30 foot front of me a Orange Ford Focus XR came towards us on my side of the road, cutting the corner at what must have been 50+ MPH?

I was going so slow I was able to put it against the stone wall on my left and stop without skidding. So close that the mirror folded.

The driver just missed my front by inches, never slowed and was gone as quickly as he arrived.

I could have damaged my Camper but he did not care just happy he had missed me and was gone.

There was no chance of getting his number as he was there and gone in 2 seconds.

Then last week in Southern Cornwall driving down again some very narrow roads to Gorran Haven I noticed that the majority of cars were either driving in the centre of the road, too fast or cutting corners and junction with little awareness of how dangerous it was.

Re the Scottish incident. That was plain dangerous driving.

Re Cornwall I think the condition of the uncut hedgerows contributes to the problem and makes drivers who are unsure of their width frightened of scratching their pride and joy drive so badly and dangerously

Result I have fitted both my cars with web cams and will use one in the camper from now on.

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