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Monitor for Rear View Camera - One solution

Guest machra

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Guest machra

Having recently asked in the forum about removing the interior light from my Ducato to enable me to fix a rear view camera monitor in the space left by the rear view mirror I thought I would just share a couple of photos of how it turned out. Maybe it will help others thinking of doing the same. The first pic is of the mounting I made after removal of the rear view mirror, the interior light and the light surround (If you butcher the surround, which I found difficult not to do, then they are £10 from Fiat). On removing the light I found that there were 2x captive M6 nuts in the roof of the van so bending a couple of metal brackets (B&Q £4.00) I was able to use these as a mounting point for two brackets that supported a cross mounting just underneath the bottom lip of the headlining. This enabled me to bolt the monitor mounting through the headlining and onto the bracket I had made. I think the picture is clearer than my explanation :). Pics 2 and 3 just show the monitor mounting and the monitor in situ. I had to remove the large 'foot' off the monitor mounting and drill the hole for the bolt but that was easy enough. All in all it has made a sound mounting which if I were to remove would only leave a small hole in the headlining, which I could insert a chrome bolt or something to cover. The power was taken from the interior light wiring. This is live when either the doors are open or the ignition is on (or so it seems), and drops after a time when doors are shut and ignition is off, therefore no chance of leaving monitor on and running down the battery. I should point out that I wanted this on all the time and not just when I was reversing. Not shown is the camera fitting which was an RC 5010 (licence plate) camera from 2seetv.co.uk. I was a bit apprehensive about using one of these but it is better than expected and fitting it under the overhang by the number plate allows it to be out of the way when looking at the rear of the van and yet gives me near corner to corner vision.





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