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Awning groundsheet confusion


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We're new to motorhoming. We've just bought a secondhand driveaway awning but it didn't come with a groundsheet.

Doing some reading up I discover that some campsites only allow awnings if you have a breathable groundsheet, I presume they mean something like this.



I have two questions.

1 - If these groundsheets are woven and breathable I presume that they are not waterproof, is this correct?

2 - Why do camp sites insist on breathable groundsheets for awnings, but not for tents?



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The reason they ask for breathable groundsheets is so that you don't spoil the pitch for the folk coming after you, even with a breathable sheet the grass will still yellow if it is not lifted after a few days, but at least it doesn't turn into a bare patch of mud. At the back end of the season many pitches will have a patch of mud alongside them,where awnings have stood and groundsheets have not been lifted. I usually ask for a hardstanding after the end of August.
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