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360 Panoramique bit missing?


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hehehehehe!!! sorry about that but the other one was driving my computer mad. So you are getting a column down the left had side with a section that turns around as you move the picture?

Well where the heck has mine gone then, will go back and see if I have turned something off.

Many thanks for your reply


Mandy xx

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As you rightly say, on the Camping-Car-Panoramique website the screen-display relating to an aire de service no longer includes the ‘strip’ on the left side of the screen that showed the location of the aire together with a ‘fan’ that could be swivelled around the aire’s position.


It’s possible (as you’ve suggested) that GOOGLE has forbidden the website’s owner from using their mapping, or wants to charge for the use of the mapping, but who knows? The website’s Facebook entry suggests that a major revision of the website’s functionality and features was implemented around 3 months ago and I’d guess that this was when the location-strip feature was dropped.


If you really want to know why the location-strip feature is no longer there, the website does have a Contacts page



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