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Pro and Anti Motorhome county councils ?


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I just came across an interesting thread in a Swiss motorhome forum. Just as in GB, the Swiss MH fans also have a battle with certain councils (Gemeinde) and there is the usual balance of pro and very anti councilors at work.


Someone posted a report from Italy, where users of a free overnight park have to put receipts of their visit to local shops and restaurants in a special post box. These are then used to convince the local council of the value of the parking area.


http://www.wohnmobilforum-schweiz.ch/viewtopic.php?p=74467#p74467 (in German sorry)


I was also recently at a 'free' park in the Taunus in Germany, but there was a contributions/honesty box. A man came round in the evening from the council to say hello and told us that they make more than they ever imagined from the contribution box and which allowed them to look after the bushes and trees and keep the place spic and span. We really liked it.




Good idea? Or what do you think?





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Some councils are ambivalent towards motorhomers. My own local authority has no particular stance towards them,even though I have tried to find what they will accept,especially with regards to provision of aire type stops.
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