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Broken sliding fly screen (habitation door)

rapido girl

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A couple of links that may be useful






When the flyscreen is retracted it’s apparent how one end of the “thin black cord” is attached to the frame and it’s reasonable to assume that the other end of the cord is attached similarly. But whether or not that’s the case, it looks unavoidable that you will need to dismantle the door’s framework to replace the cord.

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I had a look at the fly screen on our M/h today. There a two cords that are attached to the edge of the screen and the door frame top and bottom. I cannot see the point of them being there as it seems to contract into the door frame when closing the screen and them pull out again when opening it. The only thing that I can think is that the cord helps to pull the top and bottom of the screen when closing it.


Can you still open and close the screen?

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My 2015 Rapido has a cord in the top and bottom of the flyscreen’s frame, with the end of each cord tethered by a screwed fixing-block within the vertical section of the frame that the flyscreen contacts when it is closed. The flyscreen’s upper edge slides along the top cord and its lower edge slides along the bottom cord. I don’t know how the cords are retained at their other ends (because it’s not possible to see) nor - to be frank - do I know what mechanism handles extension/retraction. This appears to be the flyscreen design being discussed in the 2012 Out&AboutLive forum thread I gave a link to earlier.


I don’t know what motorhome you own, but I believe rapido girl’s motorhome (I assume it’s still the Rapido she has referred to in the past) is 2008 vintage. The Practical Motorhome 2011 link I provided earlier mentions a broken cord on the flyscreen of a “3 year old Rapido 983” but the discussion refers to “...the cord that holds it all togerher and makes it operate...” and rapido girl says that her flyscreen-door “...has one continuous cord from bottom to top...” So current Horrex flyscreen-doors may differ from older versions.


Leisureshopdirect marketes Horrex products




and has assembly instructions for the flyscreen doors - except I can’t view them!!


Leisureshopdirect does have a technical advice section




and might be able to help with the broken-cord problem if asked.

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